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작성일자 2021-01-26

KF94 secures favorable notice for joint overseas market development with surgical(medical) masks

KUKBO Co., Ltd. (CEO Ha Hyun), a general logistics company, announced on the 7th that the KFDA-certified KF94 EG Guard Mask (photo) with EG & Korea will be registered in FDA Device Class 1 and 2 and ASTM LEVEL3 will be acquired this month.
Currently, demand for medical surgical(medical) masks is soaring in North America, and it is considered to be advantageous for exports by acquiring ASTM LEVEL3, which is hard to find in Korea.
Especially for surgical(medical) masks, ASTM LEVEL3 was completed on the last 2 days and the best quality was recognized. This is the result of the combination of mask production through domestic machines, not cheap Chinese machines, the use of excellent domestic sources, subsidiary materials, and thorough quality management.
EG Guard Mask has already completed FDA registration and CE certification, which can be exported anywhere in the world, and aims to test for top level, approve 510k (pre-sale declaration) and FDA Clear for FXX code. It is also preparing for N95 respiratory system through NIOSH certification, which seems to be a leading company in exporting medical masks.
Thanks to this certification, KUKBO Co., Ltd. is currently conducting local promotion and marketing through distributors in North America and is reportedly very interested in several local medical companies.
“With this opportunity, KUKBO Co., Ltd. will be more aggressive in its sales and marketing strategy of jointly exporting two items, Surgical(Medical) Mask and KF94 Mask, and overcome oversupply in Korea and accelerate its advance into overseas markets,” said Ha Hyun, CEO of KUKBO Co., Ltd..
“KUKBO Co., Ltd., a 67-year-old logistics company, will contribute to overcoming the crisis of the spread of Corona 19 through stable mask production/supply, and promote the excellence of Korean masks and K-protection models abroad,” Ha Hyun CEO said.